Analyzing the multi-operational aspects involved in a retail store to enhance customer experience, maximize returns and generate higher sales


The Indian retail industry is the fifth largest in the world. Comprising of organized and unorganized sectors, India retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, especially over the last few years. Though initially, the retail industry in India was mostly unorganized, however with the change of tastes and preferences of the consumers, the industry is getting more popular these days and getting organized as well. With growing market demand, the industry is expected to grow at a pace of 25-30% annually.

It is projected that by 2021 traditional retail will hold a major share of 75%, organised retail share will reach 18% and e-commerce retail share will reach 7% of the total retail market.

In today's rapidly changing, increasingly complex multi-channel retail environment, competitors face the overwhelming chore of simultaneously reversing the downward trend in customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency.

Retail executives need a clear roadmap that can help them maintain tight linkage between customer strategy, optimization, organization capabilities and technology.

Inventicon Business Intelligence is pleased to bring to you the cutting edge, well researched event on Retail Store Management which will give retail professionals a deeper look into the key issues and bringing new online and offline concepts and ingenious engagement strategy to achieve the best commercial outcomes.



  • Indian retail and consumer trends shaping the future
  • Upgrading skills and motivation levels of retail managers by incorporating leadership training to avoid attrition
  • Effective store design layout techniques to enable ultimate customer journey: Their entry to exit
  • Adapting warehouse operations and design techniques - organizing, controlling & distribution
  • Merging online & offline channels to deliver the optimal customer experience


  • Map out the latest emerging trends in retail sector
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on latest solutions being adopted to by retail companies
  • Network with India's top retail experts
  • Increasing profit through better understanding of customers experience and buying trends
  • Improving retail store activities by establishing the best store management plan
  • Understanding the value of customer service and how it can brighten a retail store
  • Utilising Business Intelligence in all areas of retail operations to boost sales and profit
  • Tracking customer buying history to discover who are your loyal customers and execute targeted promotions to maintain their loyalty


  • Functional Heads of:
    • Retail
    • Store Operations, Management & Administration
    • Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Channel Management
    • Branding, Communications & Merchandising
    • Advertising & Promotions
    • Supply Chain, Procurement & Commercial

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